21 Lessons - 21 Tools

DESCRIPTION: What do you do when reading the book and completing the worksheet doesn't work? It's time to get creative! Integrating technology does not need to add more to your already busy day, but can replace something you’re currently doing with something better. Discover twenty-one (or more) technology-infused lessons for elementary and middle school students as well as activities that not only help students meet learning goals, but also enable them to express their creativity, innovation, and critical thinking.


Paper Slide Videos

Help students learn by making them the teacher.
How to Make a Paper Slide Video
Student Samples - Mr. Fisher's Class, Boca Raton, FL
More Samples (Created by teachers at Nov. 1st Technet Meeting)
Technology Tools
  • Flip Video Camera or some other EASY TO USE digital video device. Most digital cameras and cell phones record video too.
  • A web site where you can upload videos so students can view them for studying.
    • Google Docs (You can upload files)
    • Screencast.com
    • SchoolTube
    • YouTube
Extension: This technique could also be used to explain key concepts in other curriculum areas.


A simple online tool students can use to learn the parts of a graph by creating one themselves. Students collect data from a survey or lab experiment then use that data to create, save, and print a graph.
Web Site: http://nces.ed.gov/nceskids/createagraph/default.aspx
Extension: Also very useful for Science

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