Animal Riddle Project

The embedded tutorials videos below were created for our 3rd Grade Animal Riddle Project. These videos were designed to be viewed by students. Each one shows them how to do different parts of the project. Prior to starting the project, a Digital Kit with animal pictures was loaded onto each computer.

This project is a PhotoStory 3 version of the Digital Riddle Projectcreated by Jennifer Gingerich.

DOWNLOAD PhotoStory 3 for Windows.

Part 1 - Importing Your Pictures and Adding Text

Part 2 - Customizing Motion on Your Pictures (Zooming In)

Part 3 - Saving Your Project

Part 4 - Opening a Saved Project

Part 5 - How to Record Your Narration

Part 6 - Adding Music

Part 7 - Finishing Your Video

Sharing your finished projects

You can upload your PhotoStory videos to Voicethread. Not only will this let you embed your students videos on a blog or web page, but it also allows for commenting. Here's an example.