Is BYOD a Good Idea for My School

Come learn how one school is taking advantage of free web tools and open source software to give students the freedom to bring their own laptops to school.



  1. Cloud Based Web Apps & Storage
  2. Fast, Reliable Wireless Internet
  3. Training
    • Teacher
    • Student
    • Parents
  4. Clearly Stated Technical Requirements
  5. Plan for Broken Student Devices

Two Basic Changes

Change in the Mindset of Teachers

  • Let go of some control
  • Focus on content, not tools

Parents Understand that Freedom Isn't Free

  • Parents are an important partner and a vital component in determining the success or failure of any 1:1 device program.


BYOD "Off White" Paper
Our Parent Information Site
Google Apps Training Site - Site I created for our staff Google Apps Training
Connect2Compete - A possible solution for the "have-nots"
How NOT to do BYOD:

Parent Information Prezi