Easy Animation with Free Tools

DESCRIPTION: From stick figures, to stop motion, you can be an animator with these simple, free tools. Just a beginner? Learn some basic animation techniques and explore various styles and forms of animation as we demonstrate Pivot, GoAnimate, Jellycam, Blabberize and a few others.


Stick Figure Animation for Windows or Mac. Numerous download sites. Just Google "Pivot" or "Pivot for Mac" (Windows Download Zip file)
Note: If you want to export and add sound to your video, you'll need to use Pivot for Windows, save as GIF, and import into Windows Movie Maker.

Go Animate & Go Animate for Schools

(Free version lets you make short videos.)
Easy way to tell a story by animating their characters. Lots of pre-programmed actions. Text to speech is nice if you don't want to talk and can make for some amusing movie parodies.

GoAnimate4Schools.com: A Few Good Men by Dennis Grice

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate4Schools. It's free and fun!


Take a picture and make it talk by recording or uploading your own sound.

This video was made by adding video clips downloaded from Blabberize and editing them together in iMovie


A free stop-motion animation tool. Simple, yet powerful tool for creating stop motion animations with your web cam. Exports as Flash video that can be uploaded to Youtube.