Don't Print It - Glog It!

DESCRIPTION: Go green and turn your poster project into a Glog! Glogster EDU is an online tool that lets your students create multi-media digital posters that can be shared online or embedded in class blogs or wikis. See examples of curriculum based projects and learn how to set up and manage your own class and student accounts.

What is a Glog?

Sample Curriculum Based Projects:

  • Elementary - Social Studies
    Native American Posters EXAMPLE
  • Middle School - Language Arts
    Book reports. Add information about theme, setting, character study where students dress up a character and use web cam to let character explain about themselves.
  • Middle School - History
    Renaissance. Make a glog about a specific invention/innovation, artist, scientist. EXAMPLE


How to Make a Glog

  • Add text and titles
  • Add graphics from the Glogster libraries
  • Add links
  • Upload images
  • Record sounds with the Grab Tool
  • Upload video (YES, Glogster accepts PhotoStory3 wmv files!)
  • Record from your webcam with the Grab Tool

How to Share a Glog

  • URL
  • Embedding - Blogs, Wikis, Edmodo
    • Wikispaces - Embed using Glogster Widget
    • Edmodo - Post your glog to Edmodo using the “Edmodo this Glog” link at the bottom of your glog.
  • Glogster Presentations (Premium Feature) - Lets you select multiple student glogs (or a whole class) and create a "cover flow" type presentation. Share a whole set of glogs with one hyperlink. Example

Teacher Accounts

  • Basic (FREE) - Up to 50 students
  • Premium ($99/year - One Teacher) - Up to 200 students, more features

How to set up your FREE account and manage your students.

  • Teachers can change student passwords. Recommendation: Reset your student passwords before you give students their login info.
  • Teachers can delete students accounts. All glogs will be deleted and that account will be available to assign to another student.
  • Teachers and students can view and comment on each other's glogs.

Additional EDU Glogster Resources and Tutorials
Traci Blazosky is an amazing teacher and Edu Glogster user and trainer. Here is a link to her site with Glogster Resources and tutorials.

Glogster Tutorial Videos:

Free music sites that are OKAY to use in online projects (not like Freeplay music).