Tell Your Story with an iPad

Do you have a story to tell? You (and your students) can use still images, your voice, a little creativity, and apps like iMovie and 30 Hands to create and share your stories using iPads.

VIDEO: Stories for Learning


STORY comes first!
  • Short Stories – Fictional Narrative
  • Historical – Non Fiction Narrative
  • Documentary
  • Persuasive – Public Service Announcement
  • Myth, Fable, Folktale
  • Personal Narrative

Make a Story with Images
Example Image Kits

Why Use Images?
Vision trumps all other senses. (Brain Rules #10)

Graphic Organizers for Research

VIDEO: Let’s Write A Story
How to use the Sample Graphic Organizer to write a “Hero” story.

Storyboarding - Matching words with Media

Image Resources

Citing Image Resources

Audio Resources

Video Resources

Digital Kits

iPad Storytelling Tools
iMovie for iOS - Included free with new iPads. $4.99 if you don't have it already.

Sample Polar Bear Video made using Images & Videos from Discovery Education Streaming and music created in Garageband,

30 Hands (Free)

  • Voicethread - (Works on both Computer and iPad) This is basically an online version of Photostory, but allows for web collaboration on stories. Recently they have moved more toward a paid subscription model. You can still get a free account to try it out, but it has limitations.
  • Little Bird Tales - Online tool (Free/Premium) and iPad app ($2.99). Draw or import your own pictures. Add your text and sound. Share online. Free teacher account lets you create 20 student accounts.
  • Storybird - (Works on both Computer and iPad) For creative writing. You can't use your own pictures, you must choose from their art. Works on iPad too.

Options for Sharing - Promote and celebrate your student’s work!
  • Link or embed on Class Web Page, Class Blog
  • Post to YouTube, SchoolTube or other site that lets you share it with a URL.
  • Upload to Google Drive and Share just like you would share a document. (VIDEO)

Evaluate, Reflect, Assess
Formative Assessment - Seven Keys to Effective Feedback (from ASCD)
Scoring rubrics
Links to “Make your own” rubrics

VIDEO: Ira Glass on Storytelling (

Others Ways to Tell A Story
Google Lit Trips - Tell a story with a map. (Google Lit Trips)
Google Docs Story Builder
Animal Riddles with PhotoStory - You can make a simple animal riddle with one photo and PhotoStory 3.

Additional Resources: