ANGEL Tips & Tricks for K-8 Teachers

For a teacher to buy into using any technology, it must save them time or help their students learn. Come see how our teachers use timed tests, photo pages, embedded web content, podcasts and more to share student work and meet learning goals.
Audience Type: New User, ANGEL Version: 7.3


Download Custom Nugget - Click on Interactive Examples. Then click Extra Nuggets. Click on Custom Widget to download and save the zip file.

Tutorial Videos

Embed Web Content on an ANGEL Page
Using Picasa to Create Photo Albums
- Part 1 Selecting and exporting your photos from Picasa.
- Part 2 Use "Drag & Drop" to put your photos in ANGEL.
- Alternate Part 2 If "Drag & Drop" doesn't work, you can create & import a zip file.
Using the Learning Object Repository
Changing Quarters This explains how we use grading categories to trick the ANGEL gradebook so it works with our grading periods.