Movie Making


iMovie08 - Tutorials
iStopMotion - Education site

Music for Your Movie

Freeplay Music - Search for and download clips for your students to use in their class productions. Not for use if you plan to post projects on the web. Read the Terms of Use.
ccMixter - "browse this site to hear some of the great remixes people have built from sampling music on this site, all licensed for use under Creative Commons license."
IMovie can import "jingles" that are already installed in the iLife Sound Effects folder on your computer. Or for a more creative option, why not have your students create their own music soundtrack with GarageBand?


Transitions are often overused. Watch a movie or a TV show. Do you see a lot of fancy transitions? Think of transitions as "visual punctuation".
  • CUT - no punctuation or a comma
  • FADE TO BLACK - new paragraph
(Reference: Jon Orech's Wiki)

Curriculum for Teaching Movie Making

AFI Screen Education - Free registration required.
AFI ScreenNation - Teacher & Student tutorials, Celebrity Challenges, and a place for your students to share their videos online.
Apple Digital Moviemaking Curriculum - Free Registration required

How to make a movie without a video camera. My tutorial that explains how to use iMovie08 to create digital riddles using still images.

Digital Riddle Sample Video - President Riddle

How to Make a PhotoStory3-Type Movie Using iMovie08

Sample Projects that show what you can do with iMovie and photos/still images:

The video below is an example of what happens when you put a bunch of Discovery Educators in a small room for an extended period of time. This video was created using only still images and clips downloaded from Discovery Streaming. Some of the titles were created in Keynote, exported as Quicktime movies, and imported into iMovie.

For the real story behind this video visit my blog post: "Don't Take Him For Granite"