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Stories with SOUND

  • 5th Grade - Immigrant Interview. Students pick 3 or 4 questions from the Storycorps list of great questions then interview a family member or friend who was born in another country.
  • Middle/High School - Role play a Bible/historical character and have a student interview that person.

Stories with PICTURES

  • 7th Grade - Plant Experiment Story. As student work on their experiment studying the effect of different variables on the growth of plants, they take pictures to record the process. When the experiment is over, those pictures are used to create a PhotoStory of their procedures, variables, results, and conclusions.
  • 1st Grade - Folk Tales. Kids draw picture of a folk tale and add their voice describing their part of the folk tale.
  • 5th Grade - State project (bird, flower...)
  • 3rd Grade - Haiku poetry kids share pictures/and read their poems

Stories with PLACE

  • Grades 6-8: Students create their own Google Lit Trips as an alternative to book reports.
  • 4th Grade - California Missions. Add information for each place mark (date est., tribes, other...)
  • 6-8 Grade - Geography. Vacation stories.
  • 5th Grade - Oregon Trail
  • 8th Grade - Freedom Trail